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William Higgins

Wank In The Woods II, Krystof Nikolas, Jakub Kostka, Roland Volker, Boris Mateo, Joska Kalvoda, Kristian Dubcek, Eric Flower, Tadeusz Tesar, Pepe Richter, Oleg Karmic, Pavel Matous and Viktor Vesely. In part one of this fully remastered version we join them as they board the bus outside Drakes bar. Then the bus drives out into the country and we follow the guys as they walk down into the woods. They reach the playing field and strip off their clothes so that they are all naked and then start to play a game of football, with the lovely Buddy joining in the fun. Split into teams for the game one team has red neckerchiefs. They quickly fall behind, by one goal, but equalize and then go ahead 2-1. It is a fun game with lots of playing around, posing and generally showing off. The game comes to an end with the reds winning 5-1. As everyone takes a rest after the match Roland takes a piss and everyone stands around chatting, deciding what to do next. They decide on some running races, with Oleg, Viktor, Krystof and Pepe in the first of them. Viktor is very serious about it as he takes his mark to start. He is the clear winner of the race and the next group get ready to race. That is Pavel , Jakub, Kristan and Eric. They don’t run with as much determination as Viktor, but Pavel wins. The third race has Roland, Tadeusz, Boris and Joska. They are all big guys and evenly matched, but Boris comes out as the winner. Then there has to be a final race to see the overall winner. Boris, Viktor and Pavel line up and are sent on their way. Viktor quickly establishes a clear lead and ends up as the winner. He jumps up and down as he celebrates, and then in the victory ceremony all three get crowned. All the first round losers acknowledge the victory by kissing Viktor’s feet. Then it is time to relax and enjoy some food and drink around the campfire

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Tony Orion













Colt Studio

Young but street-wise BRUISER Tony Orion sets his sexy stare on you as he shows off his hot muscled body. Groping his bulge and lifting his shirt, Tony reveals a body adorned in dark hair and ripped with muscles. His COLT Collection briefs popping out of his jeans reflect his cocky attitude and smoldering sex appeal. Taking out his thick dick Tony squeezes the tip and teases us with a taste of his own sweet pre-cum. Stripping down Tony turns to show us his hot and furry ass, spreading those firm cheeks and revealing his hot and hairy manhole. Getting down to business Tony strokes his meat like a man in heat, until a thick load of relief shoots from his gushing cock.

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Island Stud





Island Studs

He turns around to face the camera and sticks his hard cock
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girlfriend in Hawaii. This half Swedish and half Native American high
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Bubble Butt Bobby is proud of his tight muscle gym body! Watch as he
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with a hard dick! Only 19 years old and weighting 140 pounds, this
horny confident Island Stud keeps a RAGING ROCK HARD BONER for most of
this video… even when he is preparing breakfast! Watch as Bobby
takes a LONG PISS outdoors while standing on a bench outside! There is
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the sun HANDS FREE with a HARD DICK! Island Studs delivers ANOTHER
sexy twink pissing with a boner and a smile! Bobby is downright
ADORABLE! I suggest this sexy young twink prepare breakfast for us
both FULLY NUDE! This is country boy Bobby’s first time ever cooking
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white athletic thighs and smooth young furry Marine butt are so cute!
When this young naked chef shakes the frying pan his cock and BIG
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garden for a HOT JO session! He enjoys stroking his beautiful thick
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